Samoan Tats

Samoan Tats, Samoan Tattoos

Samoan Tattoos are tattoos typically contain simple geometric shapes like dots, squares and rectangles. They also could have simple curve shapes as well as zigzag lines and crosses. One interesting aspect of samoan tattoos is the absence of circles. Traditionally samoan tattoos for men feature much thicker lines as well as very deep and extensive tattoos. Most tattoos for men were traditional done from the waist down to the top of the knees. Since this covered a large part of the body, Samoan tattoos for men can be very formidable looking. Tattoos for women were never as extensive or detailed and hence appeared more delicate and lacy looking. Samoan patterns are refreshingly different and are a great way to get a tribal tattoo that looks unique. Interestingly enough the Samoan word for tattoo is tatau. One could say the origin of the word tattoo is probably Samoan.

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