Fake Tat Sleeves

Fake tattoo sleeves

Fake tat sleeves are cloth pieces worn on the arm, legs or even torso, that give the illusion of real tattoos. They are usually made of nylon fabric with tattoo-inspired artwork printed on. This fabric is often flesh-colored, or any color that would best match the wearer’s skin tone., they are "snug" fit, allowing the cloth to wrap around the extremities without any hooks or tape to keep it in place.

Fake tattoo sleeves are a popular way of "tattoo art" without going under the needle, so to speak. many people see fake tat sleeves as and easy painless alternatives to traditional tattoo sleeves . As with any substitution, compromise comes in the form of authenticity, limited designs, and in not having the total "feel" of an authentic tattoo. They are also a great way to 'practice'; to determine whether or not you are really serious about getting a real full-sleeve tattoo. If you're not sure, wear a fake tattoo sleeve for awhile and see what you think of its looks A few weeks in fake sleeves could avoid having to resort to tat removal in later years.

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